Architecture Diagram

The Judith system enables precise and reliable tool use for diagnosis and treatment.
The Workstation is used to plan tool paths to target lesions, the Cart coordinates the tool motions, the Controller allows the clinician to control the whole process on a tablet pc, and the Positioner holds and moves the tools to the Patient.

Precision Positioning Robot

What does it do? First, the doctor identifies and marks the location of the cancer lesion within the breast in 3 dimensions using MRI images. Once the Judith robot knows where the cancer is, the Precision Positioning Robot does the rest: it determines an insertion path and depth, and smoothly and precisely inserts the needle so the needle tip is right in the center of the cancer. The first needle delivers anesthetic, and because the robot is so precise, it EXACTLY follows the same path with additional interventional tools. The patient can hardly feel a thing. Judith gets you there!

Since an MRI is a powerful magnet, no ferrous metal is allowed anywhere near it. Therefore, to be able to function within an MRI, Judith is constructed entirely with non-ferrous or non-conducting components. Engineering a complex and precise robot so it can be manufactured without any ferrous metal pieces is quite a feat!

The User Interface

Judith allows the interventional radiologist to control the procedures while standing tableside in the MRI suite, and interacting closely with the patient. To ensure the utmost in safety and intuitive control, the clinician's interface is a simple-to-use, touch-controlled tablet immediately at hand.

The Judith interface steps the clinician through the stages of the biopsy process (e.g. first the anesthetic, then the Introducer, then the vacuum-assisted biopsy tool), while always allowing clinicians to control the specifics of their interventions according to their particular preferences, including mid-procedure fine-adjustments if desired. At any stage, the clinician or support techs can access helpful instructional videos.

All clinically relevant decisions, including during the intervention itself, are made by the clinician. Judith is helping the clinician by providing an extremely precise robotic "set of hands".

The Judith user interface tablet is a medical grade tablet that Insight will have certified, as part of its FDA process, as MRI compatible and safe to use in the MRI suite.

The Tools

Judith uses the same off-the-shelf tools that are currently used in the manual MRI biopsy process:

  • Vacuum-assisted biopsy device
  • Cannula
  • Anesthesia needle & syringe
  • Introducer (trocar)

Potential for Therapy

As a precision placement platform, the Judith system is able to navigate to a specific point in three dimensions with startling accuracy and repeatability. This is an essential capability in assisting a biopsy procedure that is so innately location dependent.

We are acutely aware of ongoing work in therapy delivery that, under certain clinical conditions, can obviate the need for surgical intervention or other interventions like external beam radiation. These procedures offer the potential to deliver comparable results in a less invasive, more cost-effective manner and hold the promise of treating the patient with fewer recovery issues and procedural risks. Some examples of these therapy modalities include Radio Frequency ablation, Cryotherapy, Seed Implantation, and Drug Eluting Implants.

Insight Medbotics will be highly active in this research as we represent a logical delivery platform for these precision technologies that will not only benefit from the precision placement capabilities of Judith, but the MRI environment in which these procedures may be carried out.

Intellectual Property

Insight Medbotics Intellectual Property Overview

Insight Medbotics carefully develops and manages a robust and diverse – and always progressing – IP portfolio.

Insight’s IP portfolio contains a mix of Patents, Trade Secrets, Trademarks and Copyrights.

Furthermore, Insight’s IP assets exploit a mix of licensed IP and owned IP.


Insight Medbotics is the licensee and/or owner of granted patents and pending patent applications in key markets covering an automated system for performing diagnostic and/or therapeutic interventional procedures within a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) field/bore.

The system allows autonomous precision positioning of a medical tool in a patient by an image-guided robotic system that can be used with MRI or other imaging modalities. The robotic system, which is MRI-compatible and can be integrated with a patient support of an MRI machine, can be operated either during or after MRI imaging while the patient is on the patient support of the MRI machine.

Insight’s engineering team continues to develop this core system and new technological developments will be protected through further IP filings.

Trade Secrets

Insight Medbotics is the licensee and/or owner of a variety of specialized Trade Secret knowledge pertaining, for example, to the design and operation of robots within an MRI including MRI-compatible materials, and to the software for such systems including the user-interface elements and advanced controls algorithms for robust, safe and precise robotic control.

Insight’s trade secret knowledge also incorporates a substantial and growing knowledge-base of clinical experience related to both the manual and robotic needle-based interventions for breast cancer.