Surgical Robotics Opportunity

Interested in investing? As a pre-revenue surgical robotics medical device company, Insight can only prosper with the support of committed investors.

Insight got a "running start" by leveraging a $20M R&D grant from the Canadian government, enabling clinical prototyping and testing (already completed) and $3M in financing from its founders and a passionate group of angels. (And thanks to all of you! We'd be glad to talk with additional interested angels)

Currently, Insight is actively seeking first-round institutional venture capital investment, sufficient to help us finish obtaining our FDA 510(k), and begin commercial sales to the breast cancer clinicians who are eagerly awaiting our Judith product.

Recently, the largest exit transaction in the history of medical devices was announced: the acquisition of Auris Health by J&J for >$3.4B. Auris product is a surgical robot for doing lung cancer biopsies and therapy, compared to Insight's Judith surgical robot, targeted at breast cancer biopsies and therapy.

We have a "One Page Teaser" and "Comprehensive" Pitch Decks available on request. To obtain a pitch deck or to enquire further about investing:

Email the CEO