Since 2007, Marc Oczachowski has served as CEO, and currently also Chairman of the Board of EDAP TMS SA (Nasdaq:EDAP).

EDAP specializes in developing, manufacturing and distributing robotics and innovative medical devices based on Therapeutic Ultrasound technologies, including: HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) as the leading modality for Prostate Cancer, and EM Shockwave lithotripsy for Kidney & Urinary stone treatments.​

A French-based company with a US-listing, Marc initially secured European regulatory and clinical clearance, before relocating for 5-years to Austin, Texas to manage U.S. operations and lead the FDA approval process of the company’s HIFU devices.​

He is a graduate from Lyon I University (Molecular Biology), and from Institut Commercial de Lyon (Business School), France.​